Journey to Nidavellir

Your new Adventure is here: Welcome to Nidavellir!


Journey To Nidavellir is the expansion of Loot's viking-themed universe that was first presented to you in Journey To Valhalla.
86 highly detailed and realistic models
Pre-supported and ready for 3D printing
Statblocks for all characters and monsters

An Unexplored Continent

A thunderstone treasure. Ferocious creatures. A society torn apart. Are you brave enough to unveil the mysteries of Utgard?

Unique Dwarf Characters

Over 4 dozens of ready-to-play, original characters that can fit your own stories or star the 'Corruption Runs Deep' campaign

Statue-Scale Models

Not only you'll get all models in 32 and 75mm scales, but this set comes with 4 norse gods in the biggest scale we have!


To present this product to you, we've had the help ofsome of the best people in the industry.

Marko & Aleksandra, from Craftworld Studio
Brent, from Goobertown
Arnau Lazaro, from Arnau Miniatures
Jeremy, from Black Magic Craft
Luke, from Geek Gaming
Filipe, from Caern Studio
Atila Kawauti, from Pintando
Roman Lappat, from Miniature Art


Last year we released Journey To Valhalla, presenting this new viking fantasy world and introducing you to a setting with two continents, divided by a treacherous ocean and a Gargantuan Kraken!

Every journey Ends...

The last we met our vikings, the three tribes that once fought for resources and survival, had finally managed to cooperate and slay the Kraken!

“When the humans got to Utgard... after braving perils at sea, they came ashore in relief, because, well, they did not know about the Giants...”

With a new Beginning

"The Giants were the lords of the surface as my people ruled beneath the mountain. To survive, the humans would need our help... But we are a people torn asunder.

Dwarvenkind was one industrious people. Together we dug, we mined, we forged. And by the sweat of our brow we built the Underhalls of Nidavellir!"

By The Sweat Of Our Brow We Built...

By Our Greed And Hubris We Fell...

“But we dug too deep, mined too greedily, so forging the instruments of our downfall.

We brought upon ourselves the Day of Thunder, and ever since, conflict has brewed in dwarven hearts, for lighting brought great power and great pain to the mountain."

"Three clans now bicker amongst themselves, while the Giants, trolls and dangers of Utgard bring low what was once a mighty kingdom.

Each of the clans wields the Thunderstone in its own way. Each believes their way to be the only and right way. But right and wrong, might and power, that is for you to decide!"

A Real Dwarf Eats Dirt For Breakfast.

"The Torzadür fiercely held on to the old ways. They mined the Thunderstone and created mighty arms and unbreakable armor. They expanded their kingdom underground, creating great bastions against the dangers below."

You do not want to be on their bad side. They value their history and traditions. And members of the Torzadür clan would die before giving up a single inch of their ancestral home.

They are slow to trust strangers, but fiercely loyal to those who earn their friendship. These dwarves have the blood of the mountain running through their veins, and they are willing to shed it... But if you are an enemy, you get to bleed first!

Our Hands Shape Reality,Our Wisdom Stays Our Hands.

"The Wodëngar saw the need to break with tradition. They studied the Thunderstone, harnessing its power for their runic magic. They expanded their kingdom above ground and hid their great libraries from the giants with prodigious magic."

The Wodëngar value the pursuit of knowledge and harmony with nature. They are the most likely to live above ground. With their main settlement being hidden with magic at the foot of the great mountain.

They have been blessed with Odin's wisdom and clairvoyance, and can tell if you're trustworthy before they even meet you. But don't you go around thinking they're all flames and spellcasters. That is a mistake that the fighters and barbarians among them will make sure you regret.

Our Bodies, Broken; Our Minds, Shattered;Our Vengeance, Eternal.

"The Kragudür were lost to corruption. On the Day of Thunder, they were on the deepest mines, and could not escape. They were bound to the Thunderstone and its unchecked power brought on the madness. Their cities sprawled on the scars of the mountain and they grew into something monstrous."

These dwarves live in the deepest parts of Utgard and have been affected by the raw power of the Thunderstone in a way others cannot begin to fathom...

For them, life is a struggle, and you either die a dwarf or live long enough to become something else entirely... Although sometimes even death is not enough to stop the spread of The Corruption.


"The dangers of this land are many... Find allies! — For Utgard has enemies to spare."

The dangers of Utgard include, Giants, Trolls and Crystalline abominations, all available in the Monster Set. Each of these creatures creates a whole heap of trouble for the dwarven clans and their settlements. Claigard was a harsh land, where people had to fight for survival. In Utgard, they have to fight to survive...


"Corruption Runs Deep" is Loot's 1st official adventure. It comes as a bonus with the full set and can also be bought separately.

"Fafnir, Corruption Incarnate" works as one of our loyalty rewards for those who get the full set. It is not sold separately.


Take advantage of this opportunity and get the full set with a discount of 35%.


When purchasing the Journey To Nidavellir full set, you'll have access to several unique original assets. Check them out:

Original Characters

There are 57 highly detailed, original character models, in a total of 65 poses. Every character is available in 32 and 75mm scales. All pre‑supported and ready for 3D printing.

Scenery Objects

If you're into building dioramas, or you want to set the perfect atmosphere at your game table, these scenery objects models are just what you need.


We made this available especially for those of you who are painters and collectors. Each dwarven clan get three busts of their most fun-to-pain characters!

Godsized Gods

Ever since the original Journey To Valhalla set was released, you've been asking us to do Loot's own version of the Norse Gods.

This is what Loot listening to you looks like. Each of the four gods are available in 32mm, 75mm and statue scales!

Dice Towers

Each of the dwarven clans comes with an awesome Dice Tower that matches their style.

These highly detailed and versatile scenery objects can also be used as a great center-piece for a diorama, or as a decoration item for your room.

Life-Size Props

Even when you're not at your game table, there's a way you can take a piece of Utgard with you. A little token of the power that the gods grant to those who worship them...

This set comes with three objects that you can wear as personal accessories, themed around each of the dwarven clans.

5e D&D Character Statblocks

Every character comes with its own statblock, which includes all the information you will need to perfectly place that character in your own campaigns.

Loot's 1st official adventure: Corruption Runs Deep

This is a one-shot adventure that you can use to introduce your players to the Journey to Nidavellir setting, as it explores the mystery of what happened in the Thunderous Sundering.


"Loot often has this highly detailed and more realistic aesthetic. The mix of realism with fantasy elements can be really awesome!"

-Brent, from Goobertown Hobbies


1 Journey to Nidavellir
Bundle Of Your Choice

Choose one of the bundles:

Torzadür Clan
Wodëngar Clan
Kragudür Clan
Monsters Set
Corruption Runs Deep Adventure

Journey To Nidavellir Bundles

Torzadür Clan

Wodëngar Clan

Kragudür Clan

Monsters Set

From this bundle

14 original characters (STL Files)

Statblocks for all characters

5 scenery objects (STL Files)

3 character busts (STL Files)

'Mjolnir Pendant' prop (STL File)

'Thor, God of Thunder' (STL File)

'The Iron Heart' dice tower (STL File)


1 Journey To Nidavellir


With ALL 4 bundles

ALL Journey To Nidavellir Bundles

Torzadür Clan

Wodëngar Clan

Kragudür Clan

Monsters Set

From All Bundles

52 original characters (STL Files)

Statblocks for all characters

15 scenery objects (STL Files)

9 character busts (STL Files)

3 life-size props (STL Files)

4 statue-scale gods (STL Files)

3 exclusive dice towers (STL Files)

Journey To Valhalla Bundles

Askelung, The Sea Tribe

Froderung, The Ice Tribe

Sverting, The Forest Tribe

The Monsters Bundle


19% OFF

(that's $24.25 per bundle)

Journey To Nidavellir


Journey To Valhalla

ALL Journey To Nidavellir Bundles

Torzadür Clan

Wodëngar Clan

Kragudür Clan

Monsters Set

From All Bundles

52 original characters (STL Files)

Statblocks for all characters

15 scenery objects (STL Files)

9 character busts (STL Files)

3 life-size props (STL Files)

4 statue-scale gods (STL Files)

3 exclusive dice towers (STL Files)

Journey To Valhalla Bundles

Askelung, The Sea Tribe

Froderung, The Ice Tribe

Sverting, The Forest Tribe

The Monsters Bundle


27.5% OFF

(that's $21.75 per bundle)


What is the Journey to Nidavellir set?

Journey to Nidavellir is a set made of 4 bundles and the bonuses that come with them. Three of the bundles are based on dwarven clans and one of them is the monsters set.

Are there any characters that have different models?

Yes. Each of the clans Kings has a standing version and another version of them on their throne, that can work as a main piece of a diorama as well. Besides that, Fafnir has a version with open wings and a version with closed wings. Finally, Hel has a version with an intact face and another version with a corroded face.

This product is a new subscription product or folded into an existing one?

This is a standalone set, not tied to any of our subscription. It's a one-time payment for all the content in it.

The statue-scale gods are printable on smaller form printers?

You will need at least an Elegoo Saturn sized printer for Loot's statues!