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We believe that the will to create is the key of life, that’s why we design fantasy worlds to help you unleash your mind, printing, painting and playing.

And now you’re invited to be a part of the community who creates their own stories.
Loot was founded in June 2020, by Alvaro Ribeiro, one of the most internationally recognized 3D artists. Since back then, known as Loot, the goal was to create high quality, and super detailed miniatures to meet the demand of the RPG players, as well as the painting community.

We provide you a membership platform that delivers monthly bundles in STL files to print awesome miniatures in 32mm, 75mm, and statues at home. We have two membership options: Fantasy and Sci-Fi. We also create exclusive miniature packs, like Journey to Valhalla, our viking universe with more than 70 minis, for you to sail with.

Fantasy Subscription by Loot Studios

Every Adventure Starts In a Tavern


Access to Loot's 24k-member community


A new bundle on the 1st of every month


Pre-supported and prototyped models


32 and 75mm scales


50% Off on all bundles from our library


Welcome Bonus: "The Silent Coin tavern"